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Violence in Mental Health Units is completely out of control. Violent patients face no consequences whatsoever in response to assaulting nurses.  Many hospitals actively discourage staff to lay criminal charges against these patients who in many cases of long criminal histories of violent offences. 

The legacy unions talk as conditions for nurses continue to deteriorate. What have they achieved in the past 20 years? Are things better or worse?

Help Red Union push for adequately trained permanently stationed security teams on Mental Health Units and legislative change to treat assaults on healthcare workers with the same seriousness as assaults on police.

There has been too many nurses permanently disabled, too many nurses leaving the profession because they don't know if they will be coming home in one piece. 

Report all incidents of assault and violence to Red Union and help us make the workplace safe again. 

Red Union stands with Psych Nurses.

Enough is enough!




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