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NPAA is run by Nurses, not union officials.


- Zero party politics means lower fees for members.

- Workplace issues are resolved in a consultative manner.

- All member issues are completed and not left unresolved.

- Receive an initial response to your issue within one business day.


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 Who are Red Union? 


NPAA is a part of the Red Union Support Hub, a group of independent professional associations whose primary purposes are the protection of its members.

When you join a Red Union, you're joining 10's of thousands of nurses, teachers, doctors, police officers and more who have chosen a better alternative


 How We Can Help You 

Red Protect - Professional Indemnity Insurance

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance policy provides cover for up to $10 million, has unlimited retroactive cover, and has run-off cover for a period of 84 months. Joining a Red Union is both cost-effective and easy and will give you peace of mind that you are complying with your professional obligations under the National Law.

Read more about our cover here.

PI Insurance

Red Protect - Legal Representation

Our expert industrial advocate and legal support team are considered to be some of Australia's best. We guarantee expert legal support to ensure you're represented for a variety of workplace issues including Enterprise Bargaining, pay disputes, internal disputes, bullying and more. Most importantly, we guarantee a resolution of your issue.

As a member or affiliate, you also have access to discounted non-work related legal advice for certain matters - and there is no charge for the first phone call. Contact our Hotline to find out more.

Legal Representation

NPAA Membership for Nurses and Affiliate Options

Your subscription to Red Union Support Hub (RUSH) grants you access to all of our Red Protect services. In addition, RUSH will apply on your behalf to the NPAA and various sister organisations to ensure you receive the protection you need. Read more about our structure here.

Only working employee Registered Nurses, Midwives, Nurse Practitioners and Enrolled Nurses may hold the status of Member. Student nurse members and non-working members cannot vote or become a delegate.

Also, we meet the needs of AINs, PCWs, Allied Health and other hospital employees. They may join as affiliates which entitles them to the same Professional Indemnity Insurance coverage, legal backup and support services as Members. Self-employed nurses and independent midwives are not covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance policy, but are eligible for our legal backup and support. As with the affiliates, the only limitation is that they cannot vote or become a delegate and gain voting rights for the Association.

Nurse Shake Hands Round

Red Protect - Enterprise Bargaining & Working Condition Advocacy

  • Skilled negotiation of Enterprise Agreements.
  • Advocacy on workplace policy, procedures and system change.
  • Advocating for workplace change by applying pressure to governments and employers through the media or political system.
Enterprise Bargaining

RedU CPD (Optional Add-On)

RedU hosts hundreds of hours of nursing, teaching, healthcare worker and miscellaneous content available for learning.
The time allocation and certification for RedU online learning is securely recorded and maintained online to meet nursing (including AHPRA Audit Requirements), teaching and other healthcare worker and general industry registration requirements.

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 Our Guarantees 

Zero Party Politics

No member funds can be used for any party-political purpose or to support any political party. 

With no class wars to fight, no party political agendas to fulfil, no ideological barrows to push and no exorbitant executive salaries to pay, NPAA is able to exclusively focus on asserting its members' interests.

If you would like to prevent your money from funding the ALP and prefer to keep it in your own pocket, join NPAA today.

No Politics Sign

Australia's Most Contactable Professional Association Guarantee

When we say we want to be Australia's most contactable professional association, we mean it. Therefore, we guarantee a response to all frontline enquiries made by members within 24 business hours (public holidays excepted).

Still don't think we mean it? If you don't receive a response to your frontline enquiry we will give you $25 off of your next member payment.

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Most contactable professional association

"We Will Fight" Guarantee

We pride ourselves on fighting for our members and fighting for what's right, so much so that we've decided to enshrine it as a member guarantee.

After paying decades' worth of union dues, members have been told by their previous union that they would not receive legal assistance. Common reasons for the lack of support include their case being against another member, against a union official, or against the policy stance of the union. We back our members regardless.

Our guarantee is simple. We will fight for you or you will receive every member dollar you've ever paid back in full.

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We will fight guarantee justice

Like the sound of NPAA?

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The Nurses' Professional Association of Australia (NPAA) is a professional association whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment or professional engagement. No membership fees are used to support any political party (including the ALP), so we are able to source and/or provide representation for all members, on all issues, better than our competitors. Savings of up to $354 are just the beginning.

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