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NPAQ and AMPS fight against

mandatory COVID-19 jab

The State Government recently made it mandatory for all Queensland Health and aged care workers to receive a COVID vaccination. This has left thousands of nurses and other health care workers with no choice: either take the jab or loose their job.

We have been inundated with new members coming onboard in a last minute effort to receive legal advice. Generally as a union we do not take on pre-existing issues out of respect for members' money. It is similar to trying to insure your house while your kitchen is on fire. We however acknowledge the gravity of the situation and wish to help. We are also asking for your financial help in order to back these nurses.
We are opposed to the mandate for the COVID-19 vaccinations and believe that nurses are medical professionals and are far more capable than politicians, bureaucrats, and so-called public health officials of making informed medical decisions relating to their own bodies and how they will protect their patients.
We have surveyed nurses twice, first out of 300, 75% believed the jab should not be mandatory. More recently, out of 1680+ nurses, 75.9% believe that the Covid-19 mRNA shots should be an individual choice made between doctor and patient. 

57.4% had not yet received the jab and of the remaining participants, those that had been jabbed, 41.1% felt they had been coerced. That means over 75% of nurses has either not had the jab or were coerced into being jabbed.
We are now facing losing thousands more frontline workers since Queensland Health mandate has mandated the jab, crippling the health system. Our hospitals and aged care homes cannot afford to lose a single nurse. Our organisation, the NPAQ is committed to standing up for the jobs of nurses and patient care.
Many nurses are joining our organisation last minute now with pre-existing issues, asking for us to save their jobs. We want to save them all, however, similar to trying to insure a house that is already on fire, we do not have the resources to fund thousands of last minute pre-existing issues.
Make no mistake, today the Government is threatening the jobs of nurses, tomorrow, it could be you.
Therefore, we’re asking you to donate to our fighting fund which will go towards having key legal fights on behalf of nurses that could protect the rights of other workers in the future.
Please consider donating to our fighting fund for nurses today! Every dollar donated goes towards the fight for nurses' jobs and patient safety.

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