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Pay Dispute

Case Win: Navigating Relocation Pay Disputes

Advocacy & Support for Nurses

Relocating for a new job can be an exciting but challenging...

Case Win: Long Service Leave Transfer in Nursing

Navigating Policy Contradictions

Transitioning between employers in the nursing often comes with...

Case Win: Relocation Pay Dispute

Advocacy & Support for Nurses

Excited by the promise of a $10,000 relocation package, Jess, a...

Case Win: Payroll Discrepancies & Underpayments

Advocacy & Support for Nurses

Jill’s journey began when she registered her change of status (COS)...

Case Win: Pay Disputes in Nursing

How to Deal with Nursing Pay Issues

George, a nurse from the Queensland Branch of NPAA was...

Case Win: A Case Study in Fixing Pay Discrepancies

Behind the Payslip: NPAA's Win for Nurse Advocacy

We recently had a situation involving an...

Case Win: Nurse Underpaid for Over a Year Due to Misclassification

Nurses Union NPAA steps in to help 

A nurse from the Queensland Branch, the Nurses Professional...

Case Win: Union Representative Helps Nurse Get Paid

Your Shield in Wage Recovery

All employees have one time or another faced unexpected challenges at...

Case Win: Underpayments in Nursing? Nurse Union NPAA Will Fix It

Payroll Beware

Errors can occasionally occur, particularly in areas like payroll and employee...

Case Win: Navigating a Nurses Wage Dispute

How NPAA Assists Member in Unexpected Wage Conflicts

Most people, at some point in their working...