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Workplace Support For Agency Nurses

Benefits of NPAA Membership for Agency Nurses

Agency nurses are essential to our healthcare system, whether they are just starting out or have years of experience, agency nurses meet the complex and varied needs of different departments and locations daily.

The Nurses Professional Association of Australia (NPAA) recognises the many professional and personal challenges agency nurses face daily and can provide industrial advice, advocacy, support, and representation as needed.

Do Agency Nurses Need Union Membership?

While working across different healthcare settings, agency nurses may face a myriad of challenges within their workplace such as:

  • Pay & Rostering Issues
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Workplace Health and Safety Issues
  • Complaints with the Health Ombudsman
  • Patient Care Problems/Injuries

Being a member of NPAA provides agency nurses with the assurance that they have access to our experienced case managers for support and assistance, and PI Insurance should you need it.

Consider a scenario where an agency nurse is providing one-on-one care to an elderly patient and an unfortunate incident occurs, resulting in injury or even death. In such cases, the agency nurse may find themselves in a complex and difficult situation requiring workplace support and guidance. This may leave you feeling isolated and vulnerable. However, with NPAA membership, agency nurses can rely on the expertise of our experienced case managers who have successfully defended members in similar situations.

Do Agency Nurses Need Insurance?

Under section 129 of the National Law, a registered health practitioner must not practise the health profession in which the practitioner is registered unless appropriate professional indemnity insurance arrangements are in force in relation to the practitioner’s practice of the profession. - Nursing & Midwifery Board

The NPAA Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance covers:

  • Civil liability for loss arising from any negligent act, error or omission.
  • Where you are summoned to give evidence before a coronial inquest and you require legal representation.
  • Defamation claims including accusations of inappropriate cultural safety practices.
  • Good Samaritan acts where a nurse voluntarily renders nursing, life-saving or life-extending services at the scene of a medical emergency or whilst doing voluntary community service.

Can I work anywhere in Australia with NPAA?

With NPAA membership you’re covered by our insurance across Australia. ✅

No need to join multiple unions if working across states. 
No need to switch unions when working interstate.
The same low membership fees Australia-wide.

If you are starting at a new workplace or on a short-term/long-term contract, please email or call us to notify us of the change. This ensures we have a record on file should there be any issues. (Note: This does not apply to agency nurses moving within their local hospital area on a daily basis.)

There is also coverage outside of Australia (excluding Canada and the USA). This is often applicable to volunteer postings overseas. Please contact us for confirmation if you are considering such a post.

Do I have to change my membership if I work in multiple states?

No - we cover across Australia. However, we ask that you email or call to notify us of the change. This ensures we have a record on file should there be any issues.

Can I work in New Zealand with NPAA?

Yes - In 2023 we crossed the seas to bring the New Zealand nurses, teachers, and doctors our support and services, establishing our sister unions NPANZ, TPANZ, & NZMPS.

If you are working in New Zealand contact member support to update your membership to make sure you’re covered by the correct insurance policy.

Please note agency nurses are only covered by NPAA if they are employed by an agency, and they are not contracting themselves out on their own ABN.

Joining NPAA is both cost-effective and easy, giving you assurance of cover and peace of mind that you are complying with your professional obligations under the National Law.

If you’re an agency nurse, join NPAA today so you can focus on delivering quality patient-centered care knowing that your professional interests are safeguarded.